Saturday, November 19, 2011

Every ones favorite rifle

When I first starting hunting I bought a rifle that fit my needs. a 243 Savage light weight accurate and very flat shooting. In the past two years I have harvested 3 deer because of this gun. this season I hunted with a 7mm rifle to up my game. I let my friend Jessie borrow my 243 seeing he did not have one for opening day. Opening day came around and Jessie put a nice 11 pt buck on the ground with my gun. I was proud, and happy for him. Later this week I let Aaron another good friend borrow the gun he was having issues with his. The next day he kills a 9pt buck and the following day a good size doe. Now this was getting reticules. Aaron's little sister went out hunting with the boys this morning and at 300 yards took her first deer. This as become every ones favorite gun.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Great Start

It was a beautiful morning when this big 11 pt buck walked out. Taken from his tree stand at about 300 yards through thick woods Mike dropped this bad boy where he stood.