Saturday, December 12, 2009

Bird hunt

Hunting with Rick and troy

ICECAZ Studio | MySpace Video

This is just a little video I did of a bird hunt in Frankfort KY.

Friday, November 20, 2009

First Turkey

This was my first turkey shot in my own backyard during spring shotgun of 2009. Dad and me had heard these turkeys just about every morning. I setup on the feince line and waited. once I heard the first gobble I started calling them in. they came up behind me and crossed the feince at the top of the hill. I waited for a chance to get my gun up. I got the bead on the bigest one and shot.
Now I've been told several diffrent ways to go about this next part. You can just let them lay and die or you run out after them. I choose to run after mine. I wish dad could have been sitting on the back porch with a video camera. I could only imagine how fuuny i was running up and down this hill after this bird. As soon as I thought I had it down it would take off again.


This was my first armadelo. It was the second time ever seeing one in real life. I was walking in towrds my ground blind when I spotted it off about 50 yards. time I got my gun ready it was about 80 yards. I shot and it grazed its back and spun it aroulnd I followed it in to a thickit and finished it off with me 380 pistol.

Wild Hog

This was my first of 3 Wild hogs taken in Macon GA in March of 2009. I took this hog with my Marlin 3030. We were down on a shoot for about 4 days camping under what they in GA call a barn what I call a shelter.
The funny part about this hog is when I shot it didn't die right away. So I walked up to it puilled out my 380 pistol and shot it again. I started to walk away when that hog jumped up at me and started sqwillin. I grabbed my gun and unloaded two magazines on it befor it finaly died. Everyone that was safe in the truck though it was pretty funny.

10 PT Buck

This was my first deer I took during early muzzle loader of 2008. I was hunting out of a ground blind when this buck came walking up. We stared each other down for about 1/2 a minute. I pulled my gun up and he started walking a way so I called to him. He Stopped and I shot and he died. The smoke from my muzzle loader filled the blind so I never saw the deer hit the ground. I was so afraid that I had missed because he had fell behind some thick grass. When I walked up and saw him laying there I gave out a loud WHOOTE WHO!!!

First Doe

This was my third deer but my first doe. We had all gone back to granny Massey's after dropping of a couple deer at the processor's. After a good nap I had decided to walk up the ridge, I had never hunted this farm and didn't know it all that well. Just what Tuto had told me about it. I made it to the top and found an open Field where I thought this would be a great spot. Well no sooner then I found a good spot and had cleared off a place to sit, I spotted a nice doe on the other side of this wood line. So I let he walk out. She started to my side of the woods line. I call to her, she paused and I got her in my scope. she started again so I called to her again, and she stopped so I fired and she fell with her feet fling up in the air. unlike my buck I knew she was down.
Now killing this deer was the easy part. I was so far back in the woods that dragging her out by myself I knew wasn't going to happen. So I went and got my $800 4-wheeler and threw her on the back rack. Now any less of a rider may have not made it out of there. But I did and pulled right up to the front door for granny Massey could see it. She didn't believe me when I told her I had got a buck. I brought proof this time.

My 8PT Buck

I shot this buck in the late hunt 11-14-09. It was opening day of modern rifle. I was hunting out of my Dark Horse Double Bull Blind. He came down the ridge across from me. I had trouble putting my scope on him, there was a branch that hung right between him and me. I finaly got him in my sights so I took a big breath and shot. He didn't drop right away. So I reloaded and followed him in my scope fired again and about 5 seconds later I heard him drop. this is my second deer and second buck.

Deer Log

ZACHARY L. MORRIS 11/14/2009 Male Visible Modern firearm Wolfe Private
AARON M. TAULBEE 11/14/2009 Male Visible Modern firearm Wolfe Private
ZACHARY L. MORRIS 11/16/2009 Female N/A Modern firearm Wolfe Private
AARON M. TAULBEE 11/16/2009 Female N/A Modern firearm Wolfe Private